Living Wisdom Word Ministry, London.

Living Wisdom Word Ministry, London.

An Online Church Management Portal, comprising a customized content management system, Electronic Store for sales of inspirational materials, with Event Scheduler that display the upcoming events information from a SOAP web service and membership system built on ASP.NET SimpleMembership with more robust features to investigate members involvement in Church activities for the purpose of selecting volunteer and know where to put more effort in growing an healthy church.

Agile Scrum methodology was used as a software development process to seamlessly integrate all the automated system. Moreover, it showcase an in-depth research on webcasting using cloud service platform to provide a live video streaming and on-demand webcasting. It also explained in details the steps taken for the integration of PayPal Checkout to third party Shopping cart application and payment for individual items such as tithes, offerings, building funds, covenant, and others.

The project was built with the latest emerging technologies and standards, using C# ASP.NET Model View Controller design pattern with Microsoft SQL Server database to proffer solution. The automation of all the church activities have solved problems encountered in the traditional Church management proven the Portal to be a veritable tools to map out the church and spread its activities worldwide.


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December 11, 2015

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